FINALLY! The weather is only getting nicer, and you have possibly been hitting the gym all winter…it is time to GET OUTSIDE! Go and get a change of scenery. Get some fresh air, switch it up, and get creative. 

A great place to go for a good outdoor workout is a track. Here is a list of awesome workouts you can do at a track to switch up your routine!


10 Great Workouts to do at a Track:

  1. SPRINTS- 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, or even 400 meters! However short or far you want to go, mix some sprints into your workout routine.

  2. HILLS- Most high school tracks (at least most around St. Joseph, MO) have a nice, steep hill around them. Hill sprints are a great way to get your heart rate up and going! Do some hill repeats and your glutes will thank you later.

  3. STADIUM STAIRS- Do you like to use a stair stepper machine at your gym? Does it ever get old, but you keep doing it because you know it is a great workout?  Why not try it outside?! Walking or running some stairs at your local track is a great workout and such a refreshing break from the stair stepper machine. 

  4. STRAIGHTS AND CURVES- Dreading running? Try running the straights and walking the curves! It is a great way to learn to better control your heart rate and a nice gradual build up to learn to better enjoy running. Too easy for you to run the straights and walk the curves? Try sprinting the straights and jogging the curves! 

  5. LUNGES- Common sense, right?! You have plenty of room, you do not have to do lunges in place. LUNGE IT OUT! Side lunges, front lunges, back lunges…DO THEM ALL! 

  6. AGILITIES- agilities are a great way to prevent injury, improve your balance, and give you a better mind-body connection. Agilities is a broad category, but it is all so good for you. Do some shuttle runs, high knees, butt kicks, tuck jumps…do it all!

  7. CORE WORK – A track is not the worst surface to drop down on and do some abs, and it is hard to beat a little core work out in the sun! Crunch it out! 

  8. WALK- Simply walk around the track! It is an easy way to keep track of how far you have walked if you do not have a watch or device. Start in lane eight and each lap switch lanes working down to lane one. It makes for a mindless way to keep track of how far you have gone!

  9. THE CLASSIC MILE– Throw it back to high school or middle school! Run a mile! Time yourself and try to beat your personal best each time. Running is such a great source of cardio. Come on…it is just one mile! You can do it! Work up towards it if you have to! Just do it!

  10. BAREFOOT WALK- Saving the best for last! Barefoot walking is so good for you. Take off your shoes and socks and walk around the inside, grassy part of the track. It is so good to allow your feet to breath and walk in their most natural way, barefoot! (Try to do it on fresh, green grass. Dead grass can be uncomfortable.)

ENJOY YOUR TRACK WORKOUT! As always, I advise you to find a friend to enjoy your workouts with. Accountability is GOLD! 

Thank you for reading! Comment with any other track workout ideas. 

Go and get the day!