More likely than not, you probably categorize yourself as a busy person. You probably ALWAYS have a list of “XYZ” things to do by tomorrow, and you always have a place you have to be. Your free time is minimal. It is safe to guess your calendar is always full. Honestly, it probably feels like your life is even dictated by your calendar or schedule. If this relates to you, then it is safe to say you are probably one of those people who say yes to everything. 

Well, it is time to start saying NO.


Saying no to something good gives you the space and time you need to say yes to something great. All too often we say yes to things because we feel obligated to do them or even almost guilty. When you have so many events, meetings, hobbies, activities – whatever it may be – going on in your life it is difficult to be great at the things you are doing. 

Ask Yourself: Am I good at many things, or am I great at a few things? 

Stop trying to do everything, and do a few things very well. 

Simply use your gift and talents to grow as people, doing what you are passionate about. 

BE GREAT, not good. 

Too often, we are spreading ourselves too thin. We are conditioning ourselves to be average at a lot of things rather than being the best we can be at a few things. 

We are limiting our own capabilities by being average. 

Variety is a good thing for sure. No one really wants to do the same exact thing over and over and over again…but if we have too much on our plate, we are holding ourselves back from doing what we want and what we love to do, and holding ourselves back from doing it well.

We were not made to be average. 


What do you love? What are you passionate about? What are your goals for life?

Do you desire to be a great parent?

Do you want to write a book?

Do you want to own your own business?

Do you want to compete? Run a marathon? Lift competitively? 

You must say NO to the things that are holding you back from doing what you love to do. We all need to “check ourselves” every now and then. We need to look at where we are giving our time, money, and talents. Are we giving of ourselves in line with what matters the most to us?

Be honest with yourself. Start now and reprioritize your life around what really matters. 


Start by saying no to the things holding you back from being a better version of yourself. Stop people pleasing. I know it is hard, but you have to make decisions for you and the most important people in your life sometimes. 

Like anything, saying no is going to take practice. Practice saying no to the small things so you will be prepared to say no to the bigger things that don’t align with your passions or values.

If you are indecisive, ask yourself, “What is the next right thing to do?”

Practicing saying no to things in your life holding you back from doing what you love will not only positively affect you, but also the people in your life. 

Saying no will free you up to give the people you love the most the time and energy they deserve from you.

Say yes less and no more. 

Thanks for reading!