Sleeping is overrated, am I right?!

We live in a world where to get ahead you must sleep less and work more. People view sleep as a waste of time. There’s not enough hours in the day so the first thing to go is our sleep.

Well, reality check: SLEEP IS NECESSARY! Sleep is a pillar of health, right along with nutrition and exercise.

On average, as an adult, 7.5 hours to 9 hours of sleep is what your body and mind needs. Inadequate sleep directly leads to fatigue, but it also important to note that too much sleep also leads to fatigue. 

Sleeping is so important. It is vital for your rejuvenation and for your overall health and well-being. I get it…a lot of you work long hours, you are raising families, getting a degree, or the million other things you have to get done in a day. You are busy, so sleep is always the first thing to go. I simply encourage you to try and get a little more sleep over the next week, and to pay attention to any differences you see.

Adequate sleep will improve all aspects of your life from your diet, to your performance, to your relationships with others. You need to sleep for so many reasons, and here is a list of reasons why you should focus on getting adequate sleep!


10 Reasons Adequate Sleep is Necessary:

  1. Adequate sleep sharpens your attention. When you get enough sleep, you are more attentive to detail and have a better over-all awareness. You will also be more productive. 

  2. Healthy weight. Those who sleep more tend to have a healthier weight than those who do not. Research has even linked adequate sleep to a healthier weight. If you are struggling to lose weight, try sleeping more. Lack of sleep even makes you hungrier. 

  3. Reduces stress. Sleep more, stress less. It is as simple as that.

  4. Protects you from heart disease and diabetes. If you continually wake up groggy from a lack of sleep, over the years this can really pay a toll on your health. 

  5. Improve your immune system. When you are sleep deprived, your body’s emergency stress system kicks in. Sleeping better helps you to keep illness away. Don’t fall behind on sleep, especially during flu season! 

  6. Reduces inflammation. You have to give your body the time (sleep) it needs to fight inflammation and recover. 

  7. YOU WILL LOOK BETTER! Baggy eyes? Groggy? Yeah…you probably don’t want to look in the mirror when you are not sleeping enough. Sleep not only makes you feel better, but also look better. 

  8. MOOD. Sleep improves your mood. We have all been irritable and we know how toxic this can be to not only our own life, but also everyone in our lives.  

  9. Athletic performance. Adequate sleep will not only increase your motivation to go to the gym, but a good night’s rest will also enhance your performance at the gym. 

  10. Improve your memory. Getting more sleep and quality of sleep will help you to remember and process things better.


10 Tips to Improve Sleep:


  1. Stop taking naps. Not napping will help you to sleep better at night. Nix the nap and swap it out for a tall glass of ice water or a short walk to revive you. 

  2. Sleep and sex. Only use your bed to sleep and for sex. Don’t do work in your bed, don’t talk on the phone or watch TV in your bed, and don’t even read a book while in bed. Sleep and sex. Make your bedroom a relaxing environment. 

  3. Go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time. Create consistency. You will even find your body getting into a routine and waking up around the same time on its own. 

  4. No caffeine after noon. I get it, I love coffee too…but nixing it after the noon hour will not only help you to fall asleep faster, but also it will improve the quality of your sleep.

  5. Turn off your electronics. Power down at night. If you can, turn off all electronics one hour before you go to bed…this will tremendously improve the quality of your sleep and help you to fall asleep way faster. 

  6. Beware of alcohol. Yeah, yeah…I know. “It makes me tired.” That is great, but be cautious because it also causes you to wake up more frequently during the night (hint, hint- you are not reaching your deep sleep!).

  7. Block out the noise. Use earplugs or turn on a fan or some type of white noise to avoid interruptions of sleep from loud noises.

  8. DIM THE LIGHTS. Lower the lights in your home a few hours before bedtime. This signals your brain to start producing melatonin, the sleep hormone. 

  9. Sleeping pills may not be the answer. Sleeping pills should only be used as a short time solution. Pay attention to any side effects.

  10. See a doctor. If you absolutely cannot sleep at night, it might be time to go see a doctor. Sometimes sleep issues can be linked to health problems. Always be aware and cautious. 


Lastly, a nighttime formula can be a very beneficial supplement for getting a better night of sleep. Nighttime formulas are made using all natural ingredients to relax your body and help achieve a more restful night full of R.E.M. sleep where your body really recovers. They will promote a deep sleep leading to you waking up more refreshed and not to mention, suppress cortisol levels! (Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes fat to be stubborn – no bueno.) Unwinding and getting a relaxing night of sleep will promote optimal metabolism throughout the night and the rest of the day.

Thank you for reading!

Sleep tight.