Oh, you are too busy to cook? Yeah, we have all been there. 

Maybe it is work

Maybe it is school and studying

Maybe it is raising a family

Or maybe it is even all of the above…

Whatever it is, it does not matter…it is all an excuse standing between you honing in on living a healthier lifestyle and encouraging the people in your life to live healthier lives as well. 

I get it, we all wish there were more hours in the day…a few more hours to take care of ourselves and cook a meal rather than running through the drive thru lane on your way home from a long day. Take a minute and think of how much money you waste by not preparing meals for the day or a week. I guarantee there are people reading this who go through the drive thru three times a day on a regular basis. It is fine; we have all been there…do not beat yourself up about it too much because yet here we are again, beginning a new year. Maybe you did not make the changes you hoped to make back when we started 2017, and I am sure you have great excuses for why you did not follow through. 

But let’s cut to the chase. The time to start is now. Today, right now, in this very moment. Make the decision to do something different and make yourself a better person. Live the healthier lifestyle and empower the people in your life to believe they can do it too.

It is January, and I am going to offer you many practical ways to transition into a better, healthier life throughout the next few months…but let’s first start simple…start with investing in a slow cooker, or using the slow cooker that just sits in your pantry or closet collecting dust all year long. 


A good slow cooker (Crockpot) costs anywhere between 25 to 50 dollars, and you can literally run out to the store and pick one up at Walmart, Target, or Kohl’s, really wherever. 

A slow cooker simply makes cooking easier. It saves you time AND money. You can literally throw a bunch of ingredients into the pot in the morning before heading to work, turn the dial on low, and come home eight hours later to a meal ready to enjoy. IT IS SO SIMPLE. Whether you are cooking for your family or meal prepping for the week for yourself, utilizing your crockpot is definitely a game changer. If you need a meal done in two hours and you have to do laundry, clean, workout, or whatever is on your to do list, simply put all of the ingredients into the crockpot and turn it on high, and you will have a meal ready in less than two hours. 

Utilizing a slow cooker is an easy way to get you on the right track to making better food decisions…it is little time, little effort, and so much cheaper than continually paying for your poor quality drive thru food. 

START NOW! Stay tuned for great slow cooker recipes to come soon!