We all have hopes, dreams and wishes. Hopes, dreams and wishes are all great to have, but if we want them to become a reality it requires action. It can be easy to live life with our head in the clouds. Honestly. Don’t get me wrong, dreaming is good, but I would go as far as to say dreaming BIG is good, but day dreaming…not so much. Dreaming big is a productive way of thinking and motivating ourselves while on the latter, day dreaming can be a waste of the precious 24 hours we have been given in a day. Our hopes, dreams, and wishes require action to become a reality.


How do you make your dreams come true? It is simple, really. MAKE GOALS…but don’t just make goals, WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. If your goals are written down and visible so you can see them every day, the likelihood of you achieving them is so much higher. It is said that those who write down their goals are 80 percent more likely to reach them…Write them on a napkin, a sticky note…get your goals framed, tape them to your bathroom mirror…whatever works, just WRITE THEM DOWN! If you wake up every day, look into the mirror and glance at your goals, you are going to make them happen. You are going to be cognitive of what you are after and you are going to have a new sense of focus or even purpose. Read your goals, out loud. Recite your goals daily. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. Writing your goals down helps you to remain focused on what you are striving to accomplish. It helps you to keep your eye on the prize. Be a visionary!

The word is: STRIVING

I am a realist and we are not perfect nor will we ever be perfect. We are human and the quicker we grasp this reality the better off we will be. The quicker we learn we are going to fail the better people we will become. When we realize we can learn something from our failures we are going to be so much better off. Buzz word: STRIVING. When you make goals, you have to realize you are striving to achieve them. You have to understand you are going to fail in some shape or form, but when you are striving, you wake up the next day ready to get after it, ready to strive for your goals again. 


In an inspiring book called, Perfectly Yourself, Matthew Kelly shares three truths to remember when we come across failures or shortcomings: 

  1. Other people before you have successfully overcome the obstacle you face; seek them out and draw strength from their stories and example.

  2. All of your past failures leave you better equipped than ever before to succeed in your next attempt.

  3. It will never be easier to break that pattern of defeat than it right now.

There is never going to be a perfect time to start something. 

The time is now. 

Take action and make your dreams a reality. 

Write down your goals. 


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