As the end of the year 2017 approaches, it is always a good idea to slow down and reflect, to look back on the year and maybe even reminisce a little. Sometimes it can be helpful to write down all of your major events or memories throughout the year…write down the places you traveled to, your achievements, the goals you reached, anything that sticks out to you from the past year. Doing this hopefully makes you smile and leaves you a little more grateful for the year of 2017.

I am sure there were ups and downs in this past year. Maybe it was a great year for you, maybe your best year of life yet…or maybe 2017 has not been so great, and you are as ready as ever to enter into a new year. Regardless of how you define this last year, I hope you can at least bring to mind a few events or memories to smile about and bring you some joy. No matter what this last year was like for you, every day is a new beginning, a fresh start, and of course a new year is right around the corner.

As you reflect on 2017, I encourage you to think of those people who influenced you this year. Maybe you will think of the person who pushed you outside of your comfort zone, the person who loved you and supported you, the person who forgave you, or the person who inspired you. Simply think of five people in your life who made you a better person this year. Think of those five people in your life who were there for you when you needed a little pick me up or a little push to not give up. These are the people we need on our team in life.

I encourage you to take the time to write these five people a thank you. Handwritten letters are such a rarity, and a written thank you can really go a long ways. Thank those five people for the role they have played in your life this year. Odds are they probably have no idea how much they have influenced your life. Just do it, take the five minutes to say thank you…you will not regret it. It is so common to give gifts during this Christmas season, but don’t forget the power some kind words play in our lives. Pass it on.

A little kindness can go a long way.

Kill everyone with kindness this holiday season.

And thank you for all of your support this year! We are so grateful for all of our customers and will continue to strive to have a healthy impact on the fast food industry!

We appreciate you a ton & look forward to an awesome & healthy 2018!

Happy New Year!!